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Looking for a true challenge? Join our rummy tournaments to play for free or real money! The tastes and abilities of every player are taken into consideration when designing tournaments at KickRummy. There is therefore something in store for everyone, whether you are a novice or an experienced rummy player. In order to have an exciting experience, play rummy tournaments during your free time at KickRummy.

Players have several opportunities to win enormously valuable prizes because KickRummy continuously hosts a variety of events.

Learn More About Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy tournaments are competitive events where players from all across the Indian subcontinent compete against each other to win cash prizes or other rewards. The Rummy tournaments are multiplayer rummy games played against multi players on multi tables where the players with the highest number of chips move forward to the next round.

There are two types of rummy tournaments in KickRummy: cash or freeroll. Cash tournaments are where players need to pay an entry fee (buy-in) while in freeroll tournaments the entry fee is 0 (free entry).

Types of Rummy Tournaments

As stated above, there are two types of Rummy tournaments:

  • Cash Rummy Tournaments
  • Free RummyTournaments
  • Cash Rummy Tournament

    In cash rummy tournaments, players pay an entry fee to participate and have a chance to win a share of the prize pool. The entry fee varies depending on the tournament but usually ranges from a few rupees to several thousand rupees. The prize pool is determined by the total amount of entry fees paid by all the participants, with a big percentage of the pool going to the top-performing players.

    The most important things to know about cash tournaments are:

    1. You need to pay an entry fee
    2. More competitive than free rummy tournaments
    3. You will need to make a deposit to enter the tournament

    Free Rummy Tournaments

    Online free entry tournaments (known as freeroll tournaments) are rummy tournaments which require no entry fee to play. These free to play run at fixed intervals and offer prizes in real cash or non-monetary rewards such as free tickets to cash tournaments.

    The most important things to know about freeroll tournaments are:

    1. You can enter for free
    2. You win real cash
    3. No deposit required

    Online Rummy Tournament Rules

    1. When a tournament starts, each player in the tournament is allotted a fixed number of chips.
    2. Players are assigned a seat in the table depending on the number of participants.
    3. The tournament will be played for a fixed number of deals with two standard decks of 52 cards including printed jokers.
    4. At the end of each round, the winner will get chips from the other players at the table depending on their points.
    5. The player with the lowest score wins the round and moves to the next level.
    6. The process is repeated until there is only one winner left.

    How to Play Online Rummy Tournaments

    1. Thirteen cards are dealt to each player at the start of the game. The remaining cards are kept face down on the table (closed deck) with the top card placed face up (this becomes the discard pile/open deck).
    2. One random card from the deck is selected as the Wild Joker. All cards of that same face value can also be used as Wild Jokers.
    3. Players pick one card from the closed or open deck and discard one card to the discard pile.
    4. Players need to arrange all the cards in their hand to form at least one pure sequence and other valid sequences/sets.
    5. Once a player has at least one pure sequence and other valid sequence/sets by grouping their 13 cards, they need to make a declaration.
    6. The first player to make a valid declaration wins the deal/round.
    7. After the predetermined number of deals are completed, the points are tallied for all players.
    8. The player with the lowest score wins the round and moves to the next level.
    9. The process is repeated until there is only one winner left.

    How to Win at Online Rummy Tournaments?

    1. Practice. Practice. Practice.
    2. Stakes: Start with lower stakes and then move up.
    3. Make a pure sequence fast: Since you cannot win without a pure sequence, always try to make a pure sequence early on in the game
    4. Discard cards with high-value: Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks are cards with high point values. Discard unmatched high cards as soon as possible to decrease the risk of losing by a big margin.
    5. Get connecting cards: Connecting cards will help you form sequences and/or sets. E.g: you can use 4🧡 with 2🧡 and 3🧡 (2🧡-3🧡-4🧡) or with 5🧡 and 6🧡 (4🧡-5🧡-6🧡).
    6. Collecting jokers: Collect jokers to replace high value cards with. Also, since jokers cannot be used to form pure sequences, use them to make other sets and sequences.
    7. Avoid the discard pile: If you can help it, try not to pick up cards from the discard pile as it gives away the kind of hand you are trying to make.
    8. Check before declaring: An invalid declaration can be the difference between winning and losing. Always check your cards before declaring.
    9. Observe your opponents: Always keep an eye on your opponent and their moves.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Players’ email & mobile number must be verified to enter into a tournament
    2. Players are randomly assigned a seat in the tournament
    3. The final tournament winnings are dependent on the number of players in the tournament
    4. Any form of collusion or fraud is strictly prohibited. Any player found to engaging in such activities will be subject to penalties, including but not limited to suspension, termination of their account, and legal action
    5. In case of any disputes, the decision taken by KickRummy will be final and binding
    6. Terms & Conditions are applicable to all services offered at KickRummy
    7. For any queries, please contact Support


    1. What are tournaments in online Rummy and how are they conducted?

    Tournaments in Rummy are multi-table games played in a multi-level format with multiple winners at the end. These tournaments are conducted at a pre-scheduled time, which will be announced on the website along with the necessary terms and conditions..

    2. How many types of tourneys are available and what are they?

    There are many types of tournaments played across the Indian subcontinent, but the most popular ones are:

    1. Freeroll Tournaments: These tournaments are free to enter, and eligible players can register to participate for a chance to win real cash prizes.
    2. Cash Tournaments: To participate in cash tournaments, players must pay a predefined registration fee. The entry fee will be debited from the player's available cash balance in their rummy account.
    3. Special Tournaments: These are special tournaments that are conducted on occasions or special days, and they may or may not have an entry fee.
    4. Weekly and Monthly Rummy Tournaments: These tournaments are held on a regular basis, with weekly tournaments being held once a week and monthly tournaments being held once a month. These tournaments may be free to enter or require an entry fee.

    3. How can I register or unregister from a tournament in Rummy?

    To register for a tournament at KickRummy, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Game Lobby and click on the 'Tournament' option from the menu.
    2. Select the tournament you want to participate in.
    3. Click on the 'Join' button and click 'Register.'

    To unregister from a tournament, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the 'Tourneys' section in the lobby.
    2. Select the filter 'Registered' to find the list of tournaments you are registered for.
    3. Click on 'View' next to the tournament you want to unregister from.
    4. Click on 'Un-Registration' to unregister from the tournament.

    4. How are players seated on tables?

    In a multi-table Rummy tournament, each table can seat a maximum of 6 players. Based on the number of players for a round, players will be randomly assigned seats at the table. The seating arrangement may vary depending on the number of players for a round.

    Example: If there are 36 players in a round, they will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on each table. Similarly, if there are 34 players in a round, they will be seated on 6 different tables with 6 players on 4 tables and 5 players on 2 tables.

    5. What are tournament chips and how are they given out?

    Tournament chips are virtual chips that are given to each player at the beginning of the tournament. The number of tournament chips given to each player is fixed and is determined by the rules of the tournament.

    During the game, the players use these tournament chips to make bets and play the game. The tournament chips are refreshed for every valid show declared by a player. The accumulation of tournament chips throughout the game determines the ranking of the players and the winners at the end of the tournament.

    6. How can I rejoin a tournament?

    To rejoin a tournament, players need to follow the below steps:

    1. When a player is short of the minimum required chips to continue the tournament, an automatic prompt for rejoin is given.
    2. Players need to confirm the rejoin request within the allotted time for rejoin confirmation.
    3. If the player fails to confirm the rejoin request, they will be out of the tournament due to insufficient tournament chips to continue.
    4. Once the player confirms the rejoin request, they will be allotted the minimum required chips to continue playing in the tournament.

    7. How are prize winnings awarded?

    The prize winnings are awarded based on the tournament's prize structure and terms and conditions. The amount of prize winnings may vary depending on the number of players participating in the tournament and the total amount of the prize pool. In case of a tie for prize positions, a tie-breaker game is played to decide on the proper prize position.

    8. Do tournament winnings have any validity and how can I withdraw my tourney winnings?

    Tournament winnings have no validity and can be withdrawn by players at any time.

    9. What are tournament tickets?

    Tournament tickets give players free access to specific tournaments, and are sometimes given as prizes along with cash prizes. They cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred.

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