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Are you ready to experience the thrill of playing your favorite rummy game for free? Look no further, for KickRummy brings you an unparalleled rummy platform to enjoy the world of free online rummy games. Unlock the door to unlimited entertainment, hone your strategic prowess and embark on an unforgettable journey of skill and camaraderie.

Play your favourite rummy game for free online at KickRummy! Download the KickRummy app on your mobile phone and play free online rummy games anytime and from anywhere! Including unlimited free practice games, you can also avail our exclusive welcome bonus (up to ₹30,000), extra bonus on every deposit, exciting tournaments and more!

Rummy is a game of skill. Hence, it takes some time to understand the nitty gritties of the game and become a winning player. This is why skilled rummy players always have a higher chance of winning. If you are new to rummy, we suggest you to also check out our ‘How to Play Rummy’ and ‘Rummy Variants’guide offer valuable insights to improve your understanding of the rummy game. Step by step, you'll grasp the rummy rules, rummy tricks, and nuances that set winners apart.

Different Free Rummy Variants at KickRummy

KickRummy offers different free variants of Indian Rummy on its platform - Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. These free rummy games can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players where- for 2 players a standard deck of 52 cards is selected and for 6 players two decks of 52 cards are combined.

  1. Points rummy – 2 players/6 players
  2. Deals rummy – Best of 2/Best of 3
  3. Pool rummy – 101 points/201 points

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players who play for points after pre-deciding the rupee value. The game is played with two standard decks of cards with jokers and the goal is to make two sequences where one pure sequence is mandatory. The remaining cards can be a combination of sequences/sets. The game ends when a player makes a valid declaration and gets a score of zero. The scores of other players are calculated based on the number of unmatched cards.

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Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is played by 2 players with one or two standard decks of cards (depending on the players at the table). The game is played for a number of predetermined deals (also called rounds) and the player who has the highest score at the end of the deal/rounds wins the entire prizepool.

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Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players with one or two standard decks of cards (depending on the players at the table) and a pre-decided points tally (101 or 201 Rummy). Players who reach the tally get eliminated and the player with the lowest score is declared the winner. The player who makes a valid declaration gets zero points while the scores of other players are calculated based on the number of unmatched cards.

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How to Play Real Money Rummy for Free Online?

Play unlimited online rummy games at KickRummy for free! Start your online rummy journey with these easy steps:

  1. Download the KickRummy app.
  2. Register with your mobile number
  3. Look for rummy game variants marked with ‘Practice’ tag
  4. Press ‘Play’

At KickRummy, we offer the following types of online rummy games:

1. Practice games

Practice games can be played for free without adding any cash. There is no limit to the number of games you can play or the amount of practice chips you can win.

2. Cash games

These are cash rummy games for which you have to pay a very small entry fee. If you win, you will win prizes in the form of real money which you can withdraw to your bank account.

3. Tournaments

You can play free-entry tournaments (freerolls) or cash tournaments at KickRummy.

What are the Benefits of Playing Free Rummy Games at KickRummy

1. Unlimited practice games

You can play practice games at KickRummy for free without adding any cash. The practice chips hardly ever get over, and in case they do, you can always reload chips using the ‘Reload’ button in the game lobby.

2. Free Rummy Tournaments

You can play free rummy tournaments which have no entry free and are free to play. Winning these tournaments will give your entry to cash tournaments where you can win real money from massive prize pools. Registration is absolutely free for freeroll tournaments.

3. No Waiting

At KickRummy, you’ll never have to wait to join your favourite table to enjoy a game of Rummy. Simply select the type of Rummy you want to play, choose your table and join the game!

4. Unlimited Instant Withdrawals

Withdraw as much as you want, as many times as you want! At KickRummy, you can get your winnings transferred to your bank account in just a couple of minutes.

5. Unlimited Deposit Bonus

We love spoiling our customers with offers! So, whenever you make a deposit at KickRummy you can choose from a wide range of coupon codes to get some extra bonus on any deposit you make.

  • It's time to explore the exciting offers we have in store. Here's the complete list!
    1. ₹250 Bonus on Signup
    2. 300% Welcome Bonus on 1st Add Cash
    3. 100% Bonus on Second Add Cash

    6. Unlimited Referral Bonus

    Earn up to ₹35,000 for every friend you refer to KickRummy. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Your friend will also earn up to ₹7,500!

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  • 7. Biggest Rummy Tournaments:

    Tournaments never stop at KickRummy and you can enjoy some of the biggest rummy tournaments at very low entry fees. With buy-ins as low as ₹5, you can choose from a variety of tournaments, all day, everyday.

    8. World Class Support:

    Our Customer Support is second to none! We are happy to help with any queries you might have. Get in touch with us anytime, anywhere - we are here to serve you 24x7, all year round!

    Benefits of Jumping from Free Rummy Games to Cash Games

    Once you are confident that you know about rummy strategies and how to beat your opponents, you can transition from a free game player to a cash player and win real money! At KickRummy, we offer our players 300% Welcome Bonus up to ₹30,000 on their first deposit. For every subsequent deposit, we have different coupon codes that will give you the maximum value for your money. You can use the bonus to play cash games or cash tournaments to win more cash rewards. Also, did we mention that you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account instantly?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many free rummy games can I play at KickRummy?

    You can play unlimited practice games at KickRummy. You can also play free-entry tournaments (freerolls) without paying any real money.

    2. Do I need to add cash to play free rummy games?

    No, you don’t need to add any cash to practice free rummy games. When playing cash games or cash tournaments, you will need to deposit cash to play.

    3. What is the maximum limit of practice chips I can win?

    There is no limit to the number of games you can play or the amount of practice chips you can win.

    4. Can I win any real cash rewards playing with practice chips?

    No. Practice chips are meant for playing practice games only. When you win a practice game, you win only practice chips which do not have any monetary/real value. But, you can participate in different freeroll tournaments and win free entry tickets to cash tournaments (tournaments with real cash prizes).

    5. Can I play free rummy tournaments without adding any cash?

    You can play different freeroll tournaments for free and win free entry tickets to cash tournaments (tournaments with real cash prizes).

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